Securing Your Home

Should I invest in a home security camera?

With reports revealing that there’s a burglary every 40 seconds in the UK and that home robberies are increasing by 9% year-on-year, there’s never been a more important time to protect your property.

Nobody likes the thought of their house being broken into. Aside from the stress of having your prized possessions stolen, it can be very distressing knowing that somebody has been in your home. So what can you do to protect yourself?

According to police figures, properties with no security measures are five times more likely to be burgled compared to those whose owners have taken even simple security precautions. This article by The Metro reveals some of the top things burglars look for when assessing if they should break into a home:

Senior development officer for the national police crime prevention initiative, Kenny McHugh, comments:

"Burglars are often opportunistic thieves who seek any opening they can take advantage of, specifically doors and windows left open or unlocked, or that which are easy to force. But it really doesn't take much to deter these thieves - just smart thinking,"

He continued:

"Physical and visible deterrents give the criminal the first indication that the owner of a property has an awareness around security, and the criminal will often move on elsewhere to look for somewhere quicker and easier to break in to."

How to deter burglars

Some great ways to stop a potential burglar in their tracks include:

  • Keep lights and/or a radio or TV switched on when you’re not home to make it look like someone is there. You can buy timer devices to make it more believable because if someone can see the same light on all the time, they’re likely to guess that you’re actually away
  • Ask a neighbour to keep an eye on your house while you’re on holiday. They can pop in to water the plants and while they’re there take in any deliveries so it’s not obvious you’re away
  • Install a burglar alarm
  • Don’t keep your keys near any windows or doors
  • Always lock windows and doors
  • Install outdoor sensor lighting
  • Have a gravel driveway or paths – it’s not quiet to walk on and will therefore prevent a quiet getaway
  • Join Neighbourhood Watch
  • Install home security cameras

Is it worth investing in home security cameras?

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The all-important question is, will it be worth it?

Peace of mind

You and your loved ones can feel safe inside your home as well as be rest assured that your property is protected from burglars when you’re not there.

Many systems enable you to access your footage remotely which is great for when you’re on holiday. Knowing that you can keep an eye on your property from far away can give you complete peace of mind.

Deters crime

The most obvious benefit of wireless security cameras is the fact that upon detection, it’s going to stop even the bravest of burglars from breaking in. Nobody can argue CCTV footage so it’s highly unlikely anybody would commit a crime knowing they’re being filmed.

Wireless CCTV

When deciding which type of system to install, wireless CCTV is likely to be your best bet. The most obvious benefit is there are no unsightly wires to contend with. You don’t have to worry about wires becoming damaged or being a trip hazard either. You don’t have to drill holes into your property and because they don’t need to be connected to an outlet, you can be completely flexible with where you place them.

Last but not least, most wireless CCTV systems save data directly to the cloud which helps to keep your recordings safe.

If you are considering installing home security cameras, please bear in mind there are laws about this. Head to to find out all the latest guidance on the use of domestic CCTV -

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